Monday, August 27, 2007

here is my WOW layout for this week:

Everything by Kris Myers. Created in Scrapbook Max! Layout Designer - angelfaye


ADSR #12

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I scraplifted Bobbie's Girl Talk Challenge. Then I used Tracy Collin's "Buzz Kit" (the same paper I used for our blinkie!) and W&W "Celelbrating Colors" Black. Journalling Reads:“Bee”ing able to take part in the ADSR has “bee”n awesome. Bobbie and I were really strangers when we started. We have shared “bee”utiful stories and LOs together! I know we will always “Bee” friends!


The ADSR Experience! ADSR #12

Friday, August 24, 2007

My latest layout for the ADSR. All elements and paper by Miss Mint Fonts -DC Make a Wish & LD Pretty


ADSR # 12-

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Here's the next LO.. Scraplift Brook Cambell ; Thanks Brook for being a great partner. Have spelling fixed thanks girls for always being there!
Credits: Papers, frame and newsprint flower from Bren Boone; Sticker flower colored by Kris Myers; String by Nina 'SNS' @ Oscraps; Messy Loop stitch & stitching from 'Whimisy Blue' kit @ Elementalscraps; doodles flower by Merkeleyear 'SNS' @ oscraps; Sugar swirls by Anna Benjamin/ Paper moons; 'Faded memories' flower by Landi Le Roux; 'Timeless flower' by Sandra Adamson'; Sugar shock' flowers by Blythe Evan;
Newsprint Alpha by retrodiva and wornlabel tape alpha by CRenee; Fonts 2 Peas Elegant & @ peas magic Marker


LO # 11 For ADSR

Here's my next LO for the ADSR.. Lean on me..
Credits exclusive to Snap and Scrap 'Lean on me'; Clamp by Ksharonk designs 'day trip freebie'; bow by Landi Le Roux 'Lunch box'; cardboard and glitter stroke by CReneefastner & stitching by Mari Koegelenberg from 'bohoci' and 'family ties'


ADSR #11

Monday, August 20, 2007

This is my family's favorite movie. Yeah....I know it is a little sad...but what can I say. D-oh!


ADSR #10 - My favorite Place

Thursday, August 16, 2007

This was made with Kris Myer's "American Beauty" kit.Alphas- Pamela McNicol "Brady Patch", Misty Cato "Old School", Retrodiva "Newsprint Alpha", Scarlet Heels "Red Alpha"This is my favorite place, The Texas State Capitol. When I visit this grand old building, I get a great sense of pride and satisfaction. I look at the pictures of the great men and women who have served this state and I am overwhelmed with emotion. The building is taller than the US capitol building. It is made with beautiful pink Texas Granite. So much attention has been given to details. Even the hinges and door knobs are guilded. I can think of no better place for a true Texan.


ADSR #9 Got Milk- Embarrassing Moment

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Most Embarrassing Moment

I think it speaks for itself!
Weeds and Wildflowers "Celebrating Color' orange, blue, black, yellow, white
Fonts "Never Writes Back", "Palantino Linotype"


The cell phone embarrassment ADSR LO # 9

Monday, August 13, 2007

Well here is the next installment for the ADSR challange...
Credits: Kit by Kris Myers "Mediterranean beauty AOP";Lined paper and purty button by C Renee; Blanket stitch by Bren Boone; fonts Rebekah's birthday, CK Ransom, CK Circles and swirls & another handfont


Girl Talk ASDR

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Credits: Kit Designer - Heather ManningKit - Girly GirlFont - Love ya like a sister



Thursday, August 9, 2007

Who do I share my girl talk with? Well my two best friends.
This is a LO of my two best friends Sandy and Stacie.Sandy is my partner in crime at school. We have shared so much- laughed and cried together.Stacie is my scrappin friend. We laugh so hard I just about pee in my pants!Andrea Gold "Miss Mykelle" kit and add on kit; D Template 01 Side A



Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This is Sam at the Carnival

Bobbie and I did this for the ADSR These are ten picts of Sam at the Carnival!I used Kris Myers' "Playful Adventure"Olive's Pixel's "Black Jello" alphaBobbie used Grunge Brush corners- by touchstoneBlue bird and yellow bird (with pic) by Denise Liemert 'Creative Mess'Green bird by Tracy BlankenshipGreen staple and star overlays by Khristy Schmidtworm, caterpillar, snail and yellow bird on shoulder by Banner woman 'sunflower days'


True Friendship - WoW Layout

Credits - Journey to Wellness - Kris Myers, Bradlings - Scrappy Pony, Font - Abuse Lite


You make my World go Round - ADSR #7

I can't say I enjoyed this challenge - but I did it,so I feel quite pleased with myself!

Thanks Kris, for all the finishing touches - it looks great now!!!

Credits -
Photo corners from – A Real cowboy by Kris Myers
Brads, Photo Prong & overlay from – Mediterranean Beauty by Kris Myers
Stitches w/needle from – Everything stitched by Doreen Stolz
Alpha - ActionFX & Kris Myers and I can't remember which kit I got the paper from (Sorry!)


I'm getting behind. Lol

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sorry ladies. I'm getting behind on my layouts to post here. Someone slap my hand. Lol. So here goes for last weeks ADSR layouts...


Credits:Frame: by me. Kris MyersEverything else is in Fabarooni by Lauren Bavin! she so rocks!Fonts used: Cafe Rojo, Al Amusement, AL young crafter


Wow, this challenge was hard for me. I'm a simple scrapper and I'm not used to working with this many elements. Lol. But I loved it! Thank you all for taking the time to look. Credits (sorry they're long): Paper & Overlay: Mediterranean Beauty by Kris MyersWI Key & Black Mat: DSP Welcome kit by Digital Scrapbook PlaceWatch & Gold Keys: Days Past by Joanne BriseboisPaper staple journal & Paper clip: Winter Warmers by PIckle berrypop teamDoodle: Design Starts Sample by Carrie StephensStars: Liberty Everlasting by Amy WStitches: Everything Stitched by Doreen StolzPaper Tear: Straight tears by Grace BennettRibbon & Wirefasteners: Crisp Frillpacks by Amy CheesemanBubble Wrap & Binder clip: Fabarooni by Lauren Bavinwhoooo hooo that was long. Lol (Btw, its been asked which man is mine... He's the one on the left. :o)


ADSR LO # 8 Girl talk challenge

On to the next challenge-

Kit by Sandra Adamson/ SeAScrAps "Moxie'; Circle stitch frame by Kris Myers; Word art by Miss Mint 'Foxy Lady'; Flowers & folded ribbon by Melanie Willmann; Curled edges paper template by Scrap Girls- Jan Hicks; Based on template challenge for Aug at SDS.


ADSR #7 LO beauty in flowers

Here's my next LO for the ADSR- with 10 photos of my garden..Credits: Paper & overlay by Kris Myers "mediterranean Beauty"; elements added by Brook Campell from Weeds and Wildflowers "Reverie"Journaling: Flowers are beautiful in so many ways. First is the scent which can tickle the nose or bring back a beautiful memory. Next is the color- there are so many you would think it was Gods paint pallet. Then there is the arrangement as they grow- some tall, some short, some broad and some narrow- Just like people in the world. Last is the pleasing ability of all flowers-from watching them grow into a beautiful mature plant, to the smile, cheer and delight they bring when recieved as a gift- Beauty in Flowers


Hodgepodge- LO # 6 for the ADSR

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Here's the Killer b's next LO, this challenge was a little challenging to keep track of..
credits: Rose garden & opalette on safet pin by Anna Benjamin/ Paper moons; Alpha and rope stitching 'office party kit' by Landi Le Roux; Grunge negative and country arrow by Kris Myers; Swass border & paint swooshes by shandy Vogt; Pink flower by Kate Fairlie at PB; Bow by bspeck 'magical mystery kit'; Floriade tag & button by Anita Stergiou 'magical mystery kit'; X-stitch by Frenlili; Butterfly by Jenu 'tea party kit'; Papier froisse & noeud by Miroir; Tied string & safety pin by Blythe Evans; Zipper by Nancy Wilkins: Appliqued garden paper by digital girl designs; Font CK Big Al


5 Pieces of Advice - ADSR #6

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

To call this challenge a challenge would be an understatement!! Journalling and introspection - they're not mucking about......

Credits: Changes Collab kit from Oscraps, Fonts - Fashion Victim and Everytime I see you


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